Cedar Siding Installation

Cedar siding is a natural wood siding made from either red or white cedar, both native trees in the United States. It is a popular wood for home building because it is among the more durable natural woods. Cedar siding often takes the form of horizontal lap panels, shingles or shakes.

Both cedar siding and fiber cement siding offer homeowners flexibility in design and appearance. Cedar siding’s aesthetic advantages include:

  • Can be painted or stained, and the grain can still be seen and appreciated
  • Comes in many styles including lap siding, bevel, shakes or shingles
  • Both modern and rustic looks can be achieved

If making a green choice matters to you, be assured that cedar siding and fiber cement siding are equally eco-friendly. Cedar is a natural wood and is therefore biodegradable, while fiber cement’s makeup (sand, cement, cellulose fibers and water) will not release toxins into the environment, making it a sustainable option. And because it’s so durable, fiber cement siding has less of a footprint than other, less durable manmade materials, like vinyl.

we care about helping you make the right decisions for your home exterior needs. You can rest assured that our expert installation team will make your home look its very best.